PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Brunette is an expertly created range specifically for all shades of brown hair. The first range is our Grey Blending Shampoo & Grey Blending Conditioner which blends grey, enhances colour and nourishes hair in just one wash. Get Back to Brunette and back to brilliance!


Complex pigments

Our Touch Of Brunette Grey Blending range uses a complex system of blue, red and brown pigments to infuse & coat the hair shaft.

Sulphate-Free formulation

The sulphate-free shampoo enables these pigments to attach to the hair.

Ionic Technology

Then the pigments are locked onto the hair using Ionic technology, which utilises the science of the negative & positive charges. This method allows you to blend grey hair naturally without dyeing the hair either at home or in a salon.

Therefore, for the best colour results we recommend to use the shampoo & conditioner together.