PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white or grey hair that will brighten and restore your colour back to its former glory.  Complete with a purple shampoo to banish brassy tones and intensive conditioner to rebalance nourishment in the hair, these heroes are ideal for weekly use. In between uses, try the Colour Care range, suitable for daily use, to protect your hair colour, prevent dulling and keep hair feelings its best. For ultimate care, follow up with the leave-in conditioner to instantly hydrate and protect hair from heat damage.


Our Brightening Shampoo works on the basic principal of colour theory where opposing colours on the colour wheel neutralise each other.

Purple is the opposite of yellow and orange on the colour wheel. Therefore, in theory by applying purple to yellow brassy tones, they should neutralise and vanish!

Therefore, we added in a super salon strength purple pigment, combined with other brightening ingredients, to create a violet pigment complex.

Therefore, our Brightening Shampoo banishes brassy tones in just one wash!