Time Required

30 minutes

Suitable for

Cropped, short styles


Platinum & white hair

Step 1

Start with the Touch Of Silver 3 Step Regime: Tone, Repair and Protect. This will create a visibly brighter base that is deeply hydrated and primed for heat styling. Our Touch Of Silver Leave-In Conditioner can be used on damp or dry hair to protect it from heat damage.

Step 2

Blow dry hair with a round bristle brush directing the hair to the back of the head

Step 3

Straighten the lengths of hair towards the back of the head.

Step 4

Fix your style in place with Touch Of Silver Firm Hairspray for 24 hour hold.

Will my hair turn purple?

The PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo is a toning treatment shampoo, so if you leave it on for too long, or use it too frequently, you can develop a purple tinge to your hair. This tinge won’t last. To prevent over-toning, we recommend using Touch Of Silver Colour Care Shampoo which has a cleansing formula that removes any colour build up of the active violet pigment. Use the Brightening Shampoo only as directed and do not use everyday or leave on the hair for more than 5 minutes. Make sure you also wait at least two weeks after having hair bleached, permed or coloured before using.

What’s the difference between the Brightening Shampoo and the Colour Care Shampoo?

The Brightening Shampoo actively neutralises brassiness and tones the hair as it contains our active violet pigment, however, this is a treatment shampoo that cannot be used in every wash as you can create a build up of colour. The Colour Care Shampoo works to cleanse the hair, prevent colour build up, boost shine and safeguard hair colour.  We recommend using the Brightening Shampoo twice a week for toning your hair and the Colour Care Shampoo in between washes.

I have recently bleached my hair - when can I start to use Touch of Silver?

We recommend not to use the Brightening Shampoo for 2 weeks after having hair dyed. It is advisable to leave the product on for only 2 to 3 minutes, rather than the full 5 minutes for the first wash. Bleaching hair can make it more porous so if you use the Brightening Shampoo shortly after dyeing, the results may be a little uneven, which could give a slight patchy look.

How does it work?