Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Brassy?

We all know that feeling, whether our hair is blonde, white or grey, there’s one thing we have in common; when those pesky brassy tones that keep coming back! #frustrating

So why does blonde hair turn brassy?


Some of these may surprise you…

1. Sun

The UV rays from the sun can be particularly harsh on porous blonde hair. When your hair is exposed to the sun it can cause oxidation which makes the colour in your hair fade. For cool blondes, that means it brings out the unwanted warm tones that occur naturally in the hair.

2. Pollution

Yep, that’s right even pollution in the air can be a devil to your colour. Pollutants attach to strands and dull your hair, and let’s face it we all want bright radiant colour, not dull and dirty!

3. Water

60% of the UK live in a hard water area*, this hard water can cause a build-up of minerals such as copper which can cause blonde hair to discolour, think khaki or orange tones.

* Source: ScaleGuard, 2018

Let’s face it, these reasons seem quite unfair and frankly unavoidable! But worry not, we won’t leave you despairing, thinking all is lost for your beautiful locks. We are of course the hair professionals in all things colour care. So let us show you some simple solutions to these every day problems to help you get your hair colour back to how you like it!


1.Tone it

Once your hair has turned brassy the first solution to get your colour back on track is to use a purple pigmented toning shampoo. Put simply purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel so by adding a purple shampoo you will neutralise those yellow colours in your hair. Try our Brightening Shampoo it instantly banishes brassy tones in just one wash and say hello to your beautiful hair


2. Protect it

Once you’ve restored your colour back to just the way you like it, the next aim is to keep it this way. So you need an every day shampoo & conditioner that will nourish your coloured hair whilst protecting it from these harmful elements. Our Colour Care range has been expertly created to provide protection against environmental pollution. They also contain wonderful optical brighteners to help keep your colour bright and radiant all day long.


3. Cleanse it

To remove the build up caused by hard water deposits, use a gentle cleansing shampoo that’s suitable for coloured hair. Some cleansing shampoos can be too harsh for blonde hair that is likely to be damaged by colouring so you need to use one just right for your hair type. Our Colour Care shampoo is gentle yet effective and the slight purple tint will keep your colour bright between washes of the brightening shampoo.


We hope you’ve found this blog post enlightening! You can learn even more about the range or how the brightening shampoo works here!

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