Touch Of Silver Dry Shampoo


PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Revitalising Dry Shampoo instantly adds volume and new life to dull and greasy hair in between washes. It absorbs oil and contains vitamins and UV Absorber to help protect from photodamage and safeguard your colour. It can also be used for dry styling to create texture and body.


Is Touch of Silver suitable for vegans & vegetarians?

All Touch Of Silver products are suitable for vegetarians.

The Touch Of Silver products which are suitable for vegans are:

  • Brightening Shampoo
  • Colour Care Shampoo
  • Colour Care Conditioner
  • Leave-In Conditioner

All other products contain wool (by-product of sheep) or silk (by-product of silk worms) derivatives.

Are your products tested on animals?

Godrej UK Limited, the brand owner of PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver is, and always has been, committed to not testing any of our products on animals. It is mandatory under EU law that cosmetics sold in Europe are not tested on animals and we abide by this regulation.  As part of this regulation, Godrej UK does not test any of its cosmetic ingredients or cosmetic products on animals, nor do we get a third party to test on our behalf. Some countries’ regulations (i.e. China) make it mandatory for cosmetics that are sold there to be tested on animals. This is generally in the interest of product safety. We do not export to these countries.


Everything that you need in order to complete your transformation into beautiful cool blonde hair.


Tone, Repair, Protect

Begin your weekly treatment regime by toning the hair with the Brightening Shampoo…

and following with the Intensive Conditioner to repair and nourish.

Finish with the Leave-In Conditioner for extra nourishment and protection from heat damage.


For colour care

You can’t use the toning treatment in every wash, so we created the colour care shampoo specifically for those in-between toning washes. To cleanse, illuminate and care for your blonde, white or grey hair.

We paired this with our colour care conditioner to hydrate your thirsty blonde hair whilst protecting your colour from fading or dulling.

Finish with the Leave-In Conditioner for extra nourishment and protection from heat damage.