About Touch Of Silver


Launched in the 1970s

Proud to be the first to market shampoo specifically for grey hair. With its unique use of active violet pigment, Touch Of Silver established its position as the original violet shampoo.


Becoming a Haircare

Acquired by Godrej, the shampoo was relaunched with a new design. Several new products were added to the Touch Of Silver product line up to become an official haircare range.


Touch of Silver had a Makeover

Touch Of Silver continued to give blonde, platinums, whites and greys beautifully bright hair. The range expanded further and showcased a new look.


Touch of Silver launches new Innovations

Touch Of Silver now hosts seven products as part of the specialist product line up. Today, Touch Of Silver looks to new innovations to ensure we offer the brightest and best haircare results. 

PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver is an expertly created range specifically for blonde, platinum, white or grey hair that will brighten and restore your colour back to its former glory. Complete with a purple shampoo to banish brassy tones and intensive conditioner to rebalance nourishment in the hair, these heroes are ideal for weekly use. In between uses, try the Colour Care range, suitable for daily use, to protect your hair colour, prevent dulling and keep hair feelings its best. For ultimate care, follow up with the leave-in conditioner to instantly hydrate and protect hair from heat damage. Here is our story.