Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask


The NEW Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask contains salon-strength violet pigment to actively neutralise brassy tones, and hydrating AquaPlex™ to nourish locks for visibly brighter hair in just one wash.

This luxurious silver toning hair mask instantly banishes yellow and brassy tones for radiant colour, whilst transforming hair that is damaged and over-processed to leave it feeling soft, healthy and hydrated.

Suitable for coloured, natural or highlighted blonde, platinum, white or grey hair.


The Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask works on the principal of colour theory, where purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel.

This purple hair mask contains salon-strength violet pigment to neutralise any unwanted yellow & brassy tones.

Containing our hydrating AquaPlex™ system, this luxurious purple hair mask, not only tones but also deeply nourishes dry, damaged hair.

For ultimate results, start with the Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo to create a perfectly primed base by thoroughly removing impurities and product build-up.

I love the fact that this PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask is a two in one product – it instantly tones colour as well as nourishing the hair. The formula is deep purple hair mask with a mix of active ingredients from the AquaPlex™ system. It delivers a luxurious conditioning treatment to damaged and over-processed hair without giving hair that heaviness that you can sometimes get with conditioning treatments.
I love applying the Toning Treatment Mask to my clients’ hair after using the Clarifying Treatment Shampoo, which works to remove excess product residue sat on the surface of the hair, so the hair is polished and ready for toning.

Lisa Laudat

PRO:VOKE Hair Stylist Expert



We recommend to use the Toning Treatment Mask with the Clarifying Treatment Shampoo once or twice a week between normal uses of your shampoo & conditioner.

If you decide to use these treatments in every wash you could see a build-up of the purple pigment from the Toning Treatment Mask, which could leave a more silvery tint. Of course, if this hue’s for you, then experiment with usage to suit your individual colour needs.

To prevent colour build-up, we recommend using our Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner in between treatment washes.

What is AquaPlex?

AquaPlex™ is a new moisture system from PRO:VOKE that blends a unique set of active ingredients for hydration to create the ultimate nourishing formula for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair.  It contains black oat extracts to improve hair shine and the structure of the hair, making it smoother and easier to comb. It also contains Soya Lecithin to seal the surface of the hair for a smoother finish and to reduce water loss.

If I have recently dyed my hair, how long do I need to wait before I can use the Toning Treatment Mask?

We recommend users wait 2 weeks before using the Toning Treatment Mask. This is because hair can be more porous after having any hair treatments which can affect toning results.

Is the Toning Treatment Mask Vegan?

Yes, the Toning Treatment Mask is Vegan

Are your products tested on animals?

No. PRO:VOKE is, and always has been, committed to not testing any of our products on animals.

It is mandatory under EU law that cosmetics sold in Europe are not tested on animals and we abide by this regulation. As part of this regulation, Karium. Ltd does not test any of its cosmetic ingredients or cosmetic products on animals, nor do we get a third party to test on our behalf. Some countries’ regulations (i.e. China) make it mandatory for cosmetics that are sold there to be tested on animals. This is generally in the interest of product safety. We do not export to these countries.


For the ultimate toning results, use the Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo before the Toning Treatment Mask. This prepares hair by removing traces of hard water and product build-up which can affect toning results, leaving your hair feeling revitalised, lightweight and nourished.

What does purple pigment do to my hair?


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