Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo


The NEW Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo, with hydrating AquaPlex™, is a nourishing clarifying shampoo. It removes impurities from the hair and washes out any product build-up, to create a perfectly primed base for our purple Toning Treatment Mask.

Suitable for coloured, natural or highlighted blonde, platinum, white or grey hair.


Everyday washing and styling, plus hard water and pollutants, can leave residue or coat the surface of the hair. This can prevent purple pigments attaching evenly, affecting toning results.

The PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo deeply cleanses to remove these hard water minerals, impurities and chlorine, leaving hair feeling thoroughly cleansed and revitalised ready for the PRO:VOKE® Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask.

Containing our hydrating AquaPlex™ technology, this hair clarifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses whilst conditioning the hair so it not only looks fresh but feels great too.

I recommend using the PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo when you feel like your hair has a build-up of products, such as dry shampoo, hairspray which can make hair become brittle.
If you imagine that your hair is like a diamond, adding layers of product can eventually cause the surface to become dull and it begins to lose shine, so every now and then it is good to give it a ‘polish’ to restore it to its former state. This is exactly what this clarifying shampoo does, it works to remove any excess product residue sat on the surface of the hair, whilst the clever AquaPlex™ technology contains black oats, which nourish and restore shine.

Lisa Laudat

PRO:VOKE Hair Stylist Expert


How often should I use the Clarifying Treatment Shampoo?

We recommend to use the Clarifying Treatment Shampoo once or twice a week between normal uses of your shampoo & conditioner.

If you decide to use this with the Toning Treatment Mask, and use it in every wash, then you could see a build-up of the purple pigment, which could leave a more silvery tint. Of course, if this hue’s for you, then experiment with usage to suit your individual colour needs.

To prevent colour build-up, we recommend using our Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner in between treatment washes.

What is AquaPlex™?

AquaPlex™ is a new moisture system from PRO:VOKE® that blends a unique set of active ingredients for hydration to create the ultimate nourishing formula for blonde, platinum, white and grey hair.  It contains black oat extracts to improve hair shine and the structure of the hair, making it smoother and easier to comb. It also contains soy lecithin to seal the surface of the hair for a smoother finish and to reduce water loss.

Is the Clarifying Treatment Shampoo Vegan?

Yes, The Clarifying Shampoo is Vegan

Are the products tested on animals?

No. PRO:VOKE is, and always has been, committed to not testing any of our products on animals.

For full information on this, visit the FAQ page.


The Clarifying Treatment Shampoo removes product build-up to ensure hair is primed and ready for toning using the Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask which banishes brassy tones whilst deeply nourishing hair in just one wash.

What does purple pigment do to my hair?


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