Touch Of Brunette Grey Blending Shampoo

About the Product

Finally, you can start to blend grey with a shampoo! This regime was designed for brunettes who have started to notice their first grey hairs, but want a natural looking, nourishing way to simply blend them away.

Containing a unique set of pigments, this formula allows you to blend grey with a shampoo, in a subtle, safe and nourishing way.

This new innovative system works as a pair to lock a unique combination of brown pigments onto hair strands, which blends first grey hairs away in just one wash!

The shampoo is sulphate-free and vegan friendly, and contains sustainably sourced Inca Inchi Oil to leave damaged hair feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated.

For the ultimate results, blend greys using both the Grey Blending Shampoo and the Grey Blending conditioner.


Who is Touch Of Brunette Grey Blending range for?

The Touch Of Brunette range is suitable for anyone with light to dark brown hair, who are beginning to see grey hairs coming through.

When will I see results?

You will see results from the very first wash when using the shampoo and conditioner together. We advise you to continue to use for a few washes until you are happy with your colour result. Results last between 1 – 8 washes with your daily shampoo & conditioner.

Is Touch Of Brunette a hair dye?

No, Touch Of Brunette is not a hair dye, but a temporary hair colouring shampoo. It contains pigments which temporarily sit on the surface of the hair, as opposed to permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes which use a chemical reaction to penetrate the hair shaft and ‘lock’ colour inside. These products do not contain ammonia. You do not need to perform a colour test with these products.

Can I use Touch Of Brunette every day?

Touch Of Brunette can be used every day, however as this is a highly pigmented formulation, we suggest you switch back to your daily shampoo and conditioner after you have achieved your desired colour result.



Our Touch Of Brunette Grey Blending range uses a complex system of blue, red and brown pigments to infuse & coat the hair shaft.


The sulphate-free shampoo enables these pigments to attach to the hair.


Then the pigments are locked onto the hair using Ionic technology, which utilises the science of the negative & positive charges. This method allows you to cover grey hair naturally without dyeing the hair either at home or in a salon.

Therefore, for the best colour results we recommend to use the shampoo & conditioner together.