Welcome Summer with Brighter Blonde Hair: Hair Tips Ahead of Warmer Weather

Sun, sand and sea – they’re all signs of summer, but they can also have damaging effects on your hair making it essential to nail your hair maintenance in the warmer weather. Get prepared with our help and make sure your suitcase is packed with the best hair care products that bring out the best in your hair colour. We’ve shared our summer hair tips below for keeping your blonde hair bright and healthy during the warmer months.

Refresh Regularly

We all know that chlorine and salt don’t do wonders for your hair, but the warmer weather in the summer means you’re likely to be lying on a lilo or even hitting some waves at the beach. To help reduce the amount of damage, make sure to wash your hair with cool, fresh water before and after. Our hair is very porous, so swilling it first will limit the amount of damaging chlorine and salt your hair can absorb and will wash away impurities afterwards.


Replenish Moisture

Just how you can get dehydrated during the warm summer months by not drinking enough, your hair can too. But there are quick, easy ways you can keep your hair hydrated to ensure it doesn’t dry out in the warmer weather. Your two best friends are a toning treatment mask, or a leave-in conditioner.

Simply use a toning treatment mask to lock in moisture and bring back a healthy shine, our NEW Touch Of Silver Toning Treatment Mask nourishes locks for visibly brighter hair using our hydrating AquaPlex™ system, while also neutralising brassy tones. Use this once a week to keep your hair moisturised and nourished, giving it the hydration it deserves and needs. Leave-in conditioners are perfect for dry, damaged hair to instantly inject some hydration. Our Touch Of Silver Leave-In Conditioner contains a nourishing and moisturising formula, which includes pro-vitamin B5 to help lock in shine. It’ll be your ultimate hair hero!


Relinquish Straighteners

It’s no secret that heat styling can dry out your hair. So, with the increased humidity and risk of sun damage during the summer, try not to add extra heat to your hair and parch it further. Embrace your natural texture with good-quality products and gentle styling.

Maintain Shine

In warmer weather, the mixture of the hot sun and plenty of time in the sea and pool means your hair can take a lot of stress, this can sometimes mean it loses a little bit of its shine. Using a brightening shampoo can help to bring that shine and radiance back into blonde, platinum or grey hair. Our Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo will do just that, but it will also neutralise yellow and brassy tones at the same time. You should see results from your very first wash!


Fight Sweat

With the sun beating down on our heads and a proliferation of hats, it is easy for the top of your head to sweat and your roots to get greasy quickly in summer. Don’t worry though, dry shampoo can help. A quick spray of this light product will soak up any natural oils, leaving it looking clean and bouncy again.

Why not wash your hair more often? Well, washing your hair too much will strip away natural oils and dry it out, resulting in colour fade and dandruff. Dry shampoo is a saviour in between washes, instantly adding volume and a new life to dull and greasy hair.

Brighten Your Hair with Touch Of Silver

If you give our pro tips a go, we’d love to hear how you get on. Share your results on social using #IPROVOKE and tag us @provoke.haircare, or leave a product review onsite. But most of all, enjoy your Summer and protect your hair!