How to Remove Chlorine from Hair and Protect Your Shine

Whilst we all appreciate the bacteria busting effects of chlorine in pool water, the one thing we don’t enjoy is how chlorine can affect our hair. Chlorine is a very effective drying agent, which can cause all hair types to dry out, leading to a loss of shine, breakage and split ends.

For those with highlights, blonde, white, grey or silver hair it can also cause another medusa-like side effect; green hair.

We’ve all seen the horror stories or even experienced it ourselves, and PRO:VOKE is here to help you avoid the dreaded green hair from pool water with some helpful tips that go beyond pouring a bottle of tomato ketchup on your locks!

How to Remove Chlorine from Hair

To remove chlorine from your hair, you need a deep cleansing shampoo.

The Touch Of Silver Clarifying Treatment Shampoo is your saviour from chlorine hair. It works to neutralise chlorine straight away and will help to banish this chemical from the hair if left on for up to ten minutes. With hydrating AquaPlex™ and salicylic acid, it also nourishes your hair and scalp for a truly pampering experience.

If you’re treating your hair in the summer, follow the clarifying treatment with our Toning Treatment Mask as oxidation from the sun can cause hair to turn brassy. The salon-strength violet pigment in our Toning Treatment Mask will neutralise these yellow tones.

How to Protect Hair from Chlorine Damage

To protect hair from chlorine damage during the day you could also try these 3 top tips:

1 – Soak your hair in clean water before taking a dip in the pool

2 – Coat your hair with a nourishing conditioner:

3 – After each swim, re-rinse your hair in clean water and reapply conditioner to keep your hair protected from sunshine and chlorine.

For more information about looking after your hair in warmer weather, read our blog post here.