What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Brown Hair?

You may know us here at PRO:VOKE as experts in treating blonde, white and silver hair. But did you know our Touch Of Silver products can also be used by brunettes?

Yes, the secret is out. It’s now no longer just blondes who can enjoy purple shampoo. Get the lowdown below on why you should use our Touch of Silver products even if you’re a brunette!

What Effect Will Purple Shampoo Have on Brown Hair?

Purple shampoo on brown hair with highlights or coloured hair can be an extremely effective toner.

How? Well, with time, lightened sections of brown hair can also turn brassy and colour fades. This can especially occur if you have balayage or ombre hair, or if the hair has been dyed multiple times before. The hair can often become dry and damaged and reveals the underlying pigments which are warmer and more yellow/orange in hue. Of course some people will like this tone, however if you don’t, purple shampoo on brunette hair can be your saviour to take out any unwanted warm tones in the hair.

The way it works is all down to the science of the colour wheel. As purple is opposite to yellow, this counteracts the brassiness and neutralises it to maintain your colour’s radiance for longer. It helps to prevent that dreaded colour fade, whilst emphasising the shine and vibrance of surrounding darker hairs. You can better understand how purple shampoo works and the science behind the unique violet pigment here.

How to Use Purple Shampoo on Brown Hair

Our Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo should be applied to wet hair and massaged in before leaving for five minutes. Brunettes should use our brightening shampoo on the lightened sections of hair specifically. For many, this will mean applying silver shampoo directly to the lower lengths of hair, targeting the brassy sections.

After five minutes has passed, rinse with cool water to ensure cuticles are closed and they lock in product.

Next, smooth over a generous amount of the Touch Of Silver Intensive Conditioner – ideal for use after the Brightening Shampoo to regain hair health and balance. . Leaving this on your hair for 3 to 10 minutes will nourish your hair and intensively target dry and damaged strands. It has a rich and luxurious formula which improves your hairs condition after just one use.

Again, rinse hair thoroughly, then towel dry and gently detangle.

For added shine, heat protection and continued nourishment, use our Touch Of Silver Leave-in Conditioner before drying. Simply spray onto wet or towel dried hair. The pro-vitamin B5 formula will help to make your hair smoother and more manageable after just one wash.

Show Us Your Results

Are you a brunette thinking of using Touch Of Silver products? We’d love to see the results of our purple shampoo on brown hair. Tag us with @provoke.haircare in your photos on Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to use #IPROVOKE, for a mention.