The 3 Best Ways to Even Out Hair Colour

Whether it’s because a salon visit went awry or because over time colour has faded, we’ve all had moments where our hair is looking less than fabulous and you simply want to stick a hat on and wait for it to grow out.

However, our colour-worshipping hair experts may have just the trick to convince you to let your ponytail down for good and show off your golden locks. Read on to discover our three top tips for how to even out hair colour.

1. Speak to Your Colourist

Whether your hair is highlighted, balayage, ombre, dip-dyed, or your colour has simply faded, a trained haircolourist should be able to even out your hair colour with dye.

If you want to achieve a lighter blonder, your colourist will likely apply the colour to your darker areas first, such as the root, and then later pull the colour through the rest of your hair to ensure it takes evenly.

Alternatively, if you want to go slightly warmer in tone, they may recommend putting a base colour on first and then toning your hair the desired colour afterwards. Many stylists will choose a red or copper coloured base, to reintroduce warm tones and ensure your hair doesn’t go green when putting the new shade on top.

The approach they take will greatly depend on the condition of your hair, the colour, and how many times you have previously coloured it. As a general rule of thumb, the more times you’ve bleached or dyed your hair, the more likely your colour is to fade or colour is to come out uneven.

2. Cut it Off!

Typically, the ends of hair will take colour pigment better, as it is more porous and can be split. That means hair can often get lighter the further down the strand you look. Therefore, if you’re trying to go slightly darker or warmer all over, you may decide to simply cut off these over-lightened, dry ends.

3. Try Our Colour Infusion Shampoo

If you’re not quite ready to dye your hair again or take the chop, but would like to even your hair colour, then our colour enhancing shampoo could be perfect for you.

Our colour balance shampoo contains golden blonde pigments which will instantly boost honey and golden tones, warming up your blonde and instantly adding more depth to your colour. It’s an ideal product for weekly use, as it will keep hair looking its best for longer, meaning prolonged salon visits.

Pair it with our Liquid Blonde Gloss Intensifying Conditioner for dreamy results.

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